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How True That Is!

The Introspective of a Mad Millinery Man

the Mad Hatter
10 July
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Name: Mad Melvin Hatter
Age: Appears to be 30 (In reality, much older. He celebrates Unbirthdays, and thus he has stopped aging)
From: Wonderland (Disney's live-action show Adventures in Wonderland from the 90's)

Mr. Hatter is a tall, skinny man who enjoys singing, dancing, and making hats. He is often a big goof, especially when he is with his best friends, March Hare and Dormouse, but he can be serious periodically when he wants to. He LOVES tea, and can usually be found in front of his house at a long, perpetually set tea table. He also likes painting and inventing things, though his inventions don't always work so well. He also likes candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach.

His catchphrase, that he WILL say at least once a day, is "How true that is!"

Start. Wearing. Purple.

In some countries, wearing purple means that you are not of a sound mind. In that case, Hatter takes the cake and outruns the baker!